Buying diecast & toy models online

Corgi Classics BRS Diamond T Wrecker 55604 1/50

I am often approached by people who have online access but have never made an online purchase.

Take eBay for example. If you are looking for a particular model, I would suggest searching using the model reference number if known. Depending on the rarity of the model you may well be rewarded with several models for sale from a number of sellers. It is important to look at what each seller is offering. For example: What is the condition of the model? Is it boxed? How much is it? How much is the postage? Are the photos clear and please read the description fully to make sure it is what you are looking for. Another consideration is to look at the seller’s feedback to check the experience previous customers have had.

I remember in the early days before the internet where you could visit a dealer or shop and handle the models (carefully of course).
This enabled you to check the model before making a purchase as well as building a relationship with the dealer. Building a relationship with online dealers is as important as it ever was. This will help give you confidence in the item that you are purchasing.

Before making a commitment to purchase the model, ask the seller any questions that you may have. You can usually contact the seller online or if you would prefer to speak personally, most sellers are happy to answer any questions that you may have over the telephone.

Once you are satisfied with the item that you are considering purchasing, the payment terms and shipping costs then make your purchase.

Britains Corgi

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