Diecast lorries & trucks

Over the years Andrew of Miniature-Autoworld has purchased many superb collections of diecast model lorries from collectors all over the country. Some of these collections have consisted of many hundreds of models with others totalling just a few models.

One of the most popular scales is 1/50 with Corgi, Tekno & WSI to name a few releasing new models on a regular basis. Collectors often collect by make like Scania or by brand like Eddie Stobart, Pickfords or BRS etc.

1/76 scale models to suit railway layouts are also very popular with Oxford Diecast, Corgi Trackside and EFE amongst others regularly producing new models.

There are other scales too. A selection of makers that I have purchased before are Eligor producing 1/43 models, Siku producing 1/55 and Corgi in 1/64 together with many less common scales and makers.

As with all collectibles, condition and rarity are the most important factors when determining value.

One important consideration with Corgi 1/50 models in particular is the use of wing mirrors. Many of us like to display our models and the desire to fit the wing mirrors is understandable. Resale is not always at the forefront or our minds when displaying models but it may be worth considering that once the wing mirrors are fitted in place the model will no longer sit back into its box. I have had experiences where models have been damaged as a result of this which is disappointing.

Whilst mint and boxed models command the highest prices there is still a thriving market for models that do not fall into this category. With many years’ experience, I am confident of making a fair appraisal of your collection and have proven to be very competitive when compared with auction houses and other dealers.

If you have a make or scale of lorry not mentioned above I would still very much like to hear from you. Part of the enjoyment of this business is learning and investigating.

If you would like me to make you an offer for your collection or if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

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