TV related models

Over the years many diecast model manufacturers have produced scale models of vehicles that have appeared in our favourite TV programmes and films.

Corgi is probably the front runner. The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 is probably one of the most famous with many versions being made over the years by Corgi and many others.

We are proud to say that Miniature-Autoworld has purchased many quality TV related models within collections over the years. These range from early Corgi and Dinky Toys through to later Corgi Classics models and several 1/18 collections from makes like Autoart. Popular examples of some of the models from our favourite TV programmes and films have been produced in miniature including Space Related, James Bond, Batman, Kojak, Starsky & Hutch, Only Fools & Horses, Mr Bean and The Saint together with many more.

The most common scales vary between 1/43 & 1/36 with several companies making larger 1/18 scale models.

Whilst many TV related models are sort after, early examples particularly those made by Corgi and Dinky in the 1960’s can be valuable. Many of these models come with small accessories and eye catching boxes. It is important to collectors to have all parts together with complete boxes. Having said this, original parts can often be purchased at Toy Fairs or online. Personally I would avoid reproductions parts.

There is also a vibrant market for early unboxed examples together with boxed modern releases.

With many years’ experience, I am confident of making a fair appraisal of your collection and have proven to be very competitive when compared with auction houses and other dealers.

If you have a make or scale of model that I have not mentioned above I would still very much like to hear from you. Part of the enjoyment of this business is learning and investigating.

If you would like me to make you an offer for your collection or if you have any questions or concerns please contact me

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