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Andrew Sutton, Miniature Autoworld

Since childhood I have been an avid collector. I initially collected coins and stamps, moving on to collecting diecast toys during my teens and then into adulthood.

Watching TV programmes like Lovejoy and Antiques Roadshow together with the collector within me sparked the desire to work in this field. I bought and sold as part of my hobby but it was several years before a chance opportunity came my way. The owner of my local toy shop retired and agreed to sell me his entire stock of models. It was at this point I started working part time for myself which has now led to a full time business. Learning every day I have gained almost twenty years of experience working within a hobby that I love.

Based in North Devon I sell models to customers throughout the world. I travel all of the UK to buy collections and have met some lovely people along the way.

If you are interested in selling a collection or would like some advice please contact me.

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